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    cpcl text limited

    Martin Radosta

      I'm using the android SDK (ZSDK_ANDROID_API.jar)

      I've a dynamically generated CPCL code. When this code is small (30 lines approx) it gets printed without any issue, but when the CPCL code gets larger the printer starts printing but before finishing the label, it stops printing without finishing the label. No error is reported by the printer nor the SDK.


      In the attached image you can see the first label (OK) and the second label (NOT FINISHED)

      test-simple.cpcl is an example code I'm using.



      Here is the java code I'm using:


        String cpclData = "CPCL CODE HERE";

        // Instantiate insecure connection for given Bluetooth MAC Address.

        Connection thePrinterConn = new BluetoothConnectionInsecure(theBtMacAddress);

        // Initialize


        // Open the connection - physical connection is established here.


        // Send the data to printer as a byte array.


        // Make sure the data got to the printer before closing the connection


        // Close the insecure connection to release resources.





      Any advice would be really appreciated