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    TC75 - Lollipop Non-GMS - network location problem

    Lukáš Měsíček



      i trying get network location from TC75 with Lollipop (Version 20.05 Non-GMS), but device never return any data.


      With GMS version (Version 20.05 With GMS) work everything fine, network location returned in a few seconds.


      Is GMS (google services) needed for checking network location or not? Or blocked Non-GMS this method?


      I use standard android LOCATION_SERVICE, not Google’s Location Services API, like something this ...


      LocationManager locationManager = (LocationManager) getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);

      locationManager.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER, 10000, 10, new LocationListener() {


      Is wrong Non-GMS images? Need network location google services? It works to someone else?