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    MC320N0 deleted my application


      I Installed my application in MC32N0 for my client.

      my client living in Mexico.

      The OS of MC32N0 is English.

      For match Date format to SqlServer I set Date format at Regional setting as America.

      And I set Date&Time as Mexico.

      At that time Date&Time automatically initialized to 2005.

      I do not know the reason.

      But my Application runs good.

      Then after around  1 month, my application deleted from MC32N0 device anyhow.

      Nobody did it manually. I do not know why my application deleted by MC32N0 device.

      And the Net work setting is initialized.

      Does anyone experienced similar situation?

      And does anyone know the reason?

      How I can fix it?

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          Daniel Silva

          If your MC32N0 is running Windows CE, you would lose your applications on a cold boot or when the battery dies unless you take steps to cold boot persist your app/files. On a CE device, most of the file system and the whole registry is in memory.  If the memory gets reset, you lose your files and any new registry entries.  The Application folder is in flash, so that will remain after a cold boot.  Our remcapture tool is a good way to persist your app/files/registry entries. It lets you take a snapshot of your file system before you install your apps and files, then takes another snapshot again when you are done installing them, then it lets you build a package to put on the device to reinstall everything on a cold boot. I just discovered that the tool seems to be missing from the support site, but that soon should be corrected, and you should be able to download it here:

          RemCapture Support & Downloads | Zebra


          This will only help if you are running CE (not Windows Embedded Handheld or Android) on your MC32N0.

          Page 146 of the integrator guide explains about the Flash file system


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              Hi, Dan Silva


              Thanks your email.


              My client use MC32N0 and the OS is Windows CE 7.0.

              I do not know how they use it exactly.

              I only heard the application and net setting are lost.

              From your email the reson of it is because the most of file system and

              the whole registy in memory, it's correct?

              Maybe the battery lost power, and get that situation.


              I want to confirm if I can use RemCapture-Version-2.1?

              I do not have the device with me here.

              I will borrow one from seller and try it.

              When I install it in the device and take snapshot of the file system after

              install my application.

              When cold boot, the device  will automatically recover my application, is

              it right?


              Another problem is when I use the MC32N0 in Mexico,

              Date&Time initialized frequently.

              Do you know the reason?


              Sincerely yours.


              Geol Kim


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              MC320N0 deleted my application


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                Daniel Silva

                Yes, I would suspect that the battery died and that your app was in the main file system of the device (memory), so was lost.


                I see that MC32 is not listed in the release notes of remcapture, but I would expect it to work.  Read the help file and make sure you understand how remcapture works.  Make sure you take a baseline on a clean device without your app or anything else installed.  You can cold boot the device to clean it up to start with and also to test later.  To do a cold boot you hold the 1 and 9 keys down and then press the power button.  You should be prompted to calibrate the screen when the device comes up (touch spots on the corners of the screen with the stylus).


                Once you think you have the device set up cold boot persistent, you can test by doing another cold boot and make sure your app is working and is not losing any data.


                The time on the device would also reset if the battery dies or the device cold boots.  The CE OS does support syncing the date/time from an NTP server.  If the customer has an NTP server accessible from the device, they could put a .reg file on the device to point it to that server.  I will attach a sample file to this and also paste in below the contents.  If they modify the file to point to their NTP server, then place the file in \application on the device, and then cold boot, it will start looking for their NTP server for updates.  Note that the file must be an ANSI/UTF8 (not international character set) text file and the extension of the file must be .reg.







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