How to Print a Signature on an iMZ320 from a Android app developed in Java.



I am assisting one of our partners to get a Field Mobility application which is running on a TC56 Android device to print customer receipts to an imZ320 Printer.

The solution needs to print the customers signature.

The developer has been struggling with this and we provided him with sample code from the Zebra Knowledge Article SA143 Capturing and Printing signatures in Java.

The developer has implemented the sample code as is on the TC56, and is still unable to adjust the position and shape of the captured signature.

The height of the captured signature is truncated (Squashed) and the width appears stretched.

It also prints upside down.

I am not a programmer so I am unable to assist him with the Java code.

We have attached screen shots of the signatures on the TC56 along with the corresponding printed results on the IMZ320.

Johnny has tried to adapt the sample code to affect changes to the printed output without success.

We need to provide him with some guidance to resolve this issue


The Developer House is MACMobile.

The Developers name is Johnny Mokone


There is currently an issue with registration on Launchpad and we are unable to get Johnny logged in to the system.

Please respond to myself, and copy Johnny in via email if possible.


The Business opportunity is with Coca Cola.

There are 300 units and printers at risk here.



P.S.  The Zebra Utilities Demo which is on the Playstore works perfectly on the TC56 / imZ320 combination.

Is there any way that we could provide the source code for this demo to the developer.



Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Andrea,Please, talk to

Hi Andrea,

Please, talk to your developers to modify the following two lines of the code below.

Bitmap signatureBitmap = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(signatureArea.getBitmap(), 450, 450, false);

printer.printImage(new ZebraImageAndroid(signatureBitmap), -1, -1, signatureBitmap.getWidth() , signatureBitmap.getHeight(), false);

It should fix the issue.

Regarding the Zebra utilities demo source code, we cannot provide this code, it is Zebra Proprietary.

However, your developers can reach out us to the following email for additional development support.



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