RFID Read perfomance Issues

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We have developed an .Net application to communicate with a FX9500 8 ports (with four Antenas 440) using EMDK 2.9.

The solution is one portal (2 antenas each side) to read 90 RFID tags passing through the portal. Using the performe inventory method we have all tags readed with success (EPC memory Bank) and without any failure but with the necessity of get more information about the tags (TID and EPC at the same time) we change the read process. Instead of using the inventory method we have to use perform sequence method. After that change we could not get all tags.

Do you have any idea what could cause this change? Is the "perform sequence" method more inefficient than the perform inventory?

We have follow the zebra demo applications in order to get TID information and EPC at the same time.


 TagAccess.Sequence.Operation op = new TagAccess.Sequence.Operation();                     op.AccessOperationCode = ACCESS_OPERATION_CODE.ACCESS_OPERATION_READ;                     op.ReadAccessParams.MemoryBank = MEMORY_BANK.MEMORY_BANK_TID;                     // Especifico INPINJI                     op.ReadAccessParams.ByteCount = 12;                     op.ReadAccessParams.ByteOffset = 0;                     //                     reader.Actions.TagAccess.OperationSequence.Add(op);  


 reader.Actions.TagAccess.OperationSequence.PerformSequence(accessFilter, triggerInfo, antennaInfo);


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Andreas Fauerbach
Hi,Tag access is a multi step


Tag access is a multi step process that needs the tag to be inventoried prior to get accessed. This procedure takes more time than the inventory alone.

For details please refer to the EPC UHF Gen2 Air Interface Protocol specification.

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