Problem printing PNG on ZTC 140Xi4 / 140Xi3



we are developing a software to print png images with Zebra SDK. The labels can be printed, but they are cut off.

We have tried to control the cuttig using the SETFF command but it doesn't work like expected:


Here is our code:



printer.getConnection().write("! U1 JOURNAL\r\n! U1 SETFF 50 200\r\n".getBytes());  zplStart = "^XA";  zplEnd = "^XZ";  printer.getConnection().write(zplStart.getBytes());  printer.printImage(filename, 0, 0, 944, 1120, true);  printer.getConnection().write(zplEnd.getBytes());



Without the SETFF command, there was a lot of white space after the png.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you