TC55 - how to store app data on internal memory partition and make it available for standard apps


Our partner is facing problem to store app related data on internal memory partition (the bigger one 5 GB). Currently they use user accessible 1GB flash partition for that, but it is to small for app needs (many photos) and devices are getting slow.

The most critical is photos treatment.

The app installed in internal memory calls camera function. The user makes photo, but the file is not stored in internal part, but in smaller partition of user accessible part. It is necessary to store those photos in internal memory part and make them available later for the app to sned to back office, display or delete.

The app also uses external apps to display files - like Google PDF Viewer, Gallery. Those files need to be also stored in internal memory and not user part.

Kindly ask for an advise how to store in internal memory part the data from external apps like camera, and make them still available to be displayed in external apps like PDF viewer. Thanks.