Using ZebraDesigner to create/print labels with variable data



So far I have used the LinkOS-SDK in our Xamarin mobile app and have created the integration to print labels.  However, we need to print pre-designed labels, with variable fields.  The labels are visitor badges, so the data going in the variable fields will be different every time.


My question is how can we use the label file created in the designer, dynamically populate the variable fields, and send it to the printer to print?  When we open the label file in a text editor, it looks to be encrypted.


We also need to do this in a web browser, however getting the mobile app going first is priority.




Anonymous (not verified)
Hi - You have to export the

Hi -

You have to export the label to a "file printer" or print to file to get the raw ZPL or CPCL.  I have a webinar recording that shows how to do this: 

The saved .lbl file is for portability and not direct use with our printers.

Hope this answers your question,


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Jyothishree Paneesha
Hi Robin,Thank you for the

Hi Robin,

Thank you for the detailed information.

I am trying to print a variable text using TTF which is not available in the printer.

I tried downloading it using font downloader but still, I donot see it in the LAbel designer for mySAP Business suite.

Can you please help me in this case



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