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Hi All, Please help me , iam an android developer , and new to this topic of programming application , Now i can connect to the printer but i can't print because i don't know how to print ? and what form to print ?I need to some sort of small receipt with some items and prices and quantity as normal receipts from my android app ??Please help me with details Thank you

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Is there an Android Print Service available I can install so I can print web pages from a web browser (similar to Google Cloud Print)?

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Hi Mina,

Here your 5 steps to become in an expert Zebra Printing Android Developer.

1.)If you do not have a previous experience with Zebra Printers, then I will recommend to start with the document below.

2.)Go to our Getting started session for Android Printing apps. Also, I recommend our Sample code section for different demo apps  you can review.

3. )Review our Zebra Best Practices Webinar on link below

4. )Review our Android API for your consultation on the link below
Link-OS SDK - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

5. )And finally, Download our Link-OS Android SDK for Implementation, for Demo Sample Code and for consultation on the link below.
Link-OS Multiplatform SDK | Zebra