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    Printing from webpages - why is it such a big issue?

    Omar Miah

      I've done loads of research.

      I've tried and tried and tried with little success to print from an old LP2844.

      I made the webpage be the EXACT size and dimension required. I configured everything else as best and logically as I could.

      I could only print onto 2/3rd of the label - the rest was space I couldn't access.


      I've now done further reading.

      I suspect this might be the answer: Browser Print SDK | Link-OS | Zebra


      I'll try and see if all is fixed.


      BUT why is it such a big mission?

      Why can't it be JUST like any other printer.

      You JUST select print and print!


      What am I missing?



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          Manuel Caicedo-Rivera



          The printer LP2844 has been discontinued since 2012, and no longer supported since 2015. For more information, please, review the link below.

          LP 2844 Desktop Printer Support & Downloads | Zebra


          My suggestion would be that you can use one of our replacement models GC420d. For more information, please, review the link below.

          Value Desktop Printers | Zebra


          Please, check all available options for Desktop Zebra Printers on the link below. We also recommend to work with our Link-OS Printers that incorporate all new features and connectivity options with proven software tools.

          Desktop Printers | Zebra





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            Robin West

            Hi Omar,

            2/3 height or width?  Part of the issue with printing HTML web pages is the fact that there are 2 drivers involved.The one virtual driver built into the browser and the real one.  These drivers both have to be set up correctly and the browser driver assumes pages are 8.5"x11". More on drivers: Printing from Websites part 1 If you get the real driver (in your "Devices and Printers" set up right and select the "Print using system dialog...", it should work. 

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                Omar Miah

                thanks for the replies guys.


                i tried the web printing solution - no joy. it doesn't see the printer at all.


                the printer is installed though - i can send test prints to it.


                @robin west: i can print from the system dialogue as mentioned by you - i actually do this for a lot of things.


                i have developed code that generates invoices and address labels. so i know i have the page details correctly set.


                there may well be a problem with my webpages - but i have tinkered and tried to change a million things - nothing works (like changing CSS print settings).


                Other webpage, there is only 1cm gap all around - which i would happily settle for - but these web pages, i can't control the printing.


                i just don't get it why i can't install the print driver, define the dimensions of the output page and JUST print?


                Why does life have to be so complicated?


                I haven't given up. I've bought the newer version of the printer now. Waiting to receive. BUT... will it solve my problems?


                Forget printing from HTML. Can I print from Word or preferably a PDF file?

                Like for example an A4 PDF file - with all the printing parts moved to the top left or something?

                (Or I can make every page be of the right dimensions if needed instead of A4.)


                Any further help or advice would be great



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                    Robin West

                    Hi Omar,

                    Sorry you're having so much of an issue.  Perhaps you could post a few things, or send direct, like a image of the label that is printed, an image of the page you are trying to print, the exported driver settings file, and a printer configuration report.  Send the printer "~WC" without quotes for the last.  Also, are you using the ZDesigner driver or something else?


                    You can print a Word doc or PDF as long as the page is again set up to be the same size as your label.  If it is not, the driver will usually attempt to compress the image to fit the whole thing on one label.