Upload Arial font to zebra designer for printer ZM600 200 dpi


I tried downloading the Arial font using Zebra font downloader.

I would like to use this Arial font for a variable text field in my Label which sill be designed using Zebra label designer for mySAP Business suite.

But I donot see the new font in the designer.

Please help me in this regard.






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Hi Jyothi,The designer can't

Hi Jyothi,

The designer can't read the font off the printer. 

You will have to do a few things to the output of the label designer.  When you are using the designer, set the font to ZEBRA 0.  Update the text fields to use that font or design using that font.

Export the design and add the following (with your Arial file name) somewhere after the ^XZ and before the ^XZ:


Then replace every




in the file.  The Label should then work.

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