Zebra MC36 - EMDK for xamarin

Hi -


I am using xamarin to develop an app for MC36. This app need to use the barcode button of MC36. So my question is:

1) Does EMDK for xamarin support MC36?

2) Can I use the EMDK for xamarin to process barcode button of MC36?


Thanks in advance for your help.

Pietro Francesc...
Hi,The EMDK for Xamarin does


The EMDK for Xamarin does not support our MC36:

EMDK for Android v6.3 Release Notes Support | Zebra

To write application for our MC36 you need to use the MC36 SDK, available on Zebra support website:

MC36 SDK Support & Downloads | Zebra

This SDK is for Native Java development, if you want to use Xamarin you should probably look into creating a Xamarin binding for the features you need.

Xamarin has documentation on how to build such a binding:

Binding a Java Library - Xamarin



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Kien Pham
Thanks Pietro Maggi for

Thanks Pietro Maggi for response.

Can I use the Scan config to integrate my app with the Scan button built-in in MC36? if possible, can you provide the some instruction?

Thanks in advance.

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