<FNC 3> what value is it?

Trying to pair a DS6878 via Bluetooth to a Win 7 PC. Scanner is in Master SPP mode, and I have to supply the address of the Bluetooth receiver in a Code128 barcode. So... what value do I encode for the FNC3 character? All attempts cause the scanner to blink red and issue the 3 error beeps. The example from the user's guide works fine, however (that is... green LED and single beep).

Larry Molter
Ok. Used the barcode

Ok. Used the barcode generator at: www.terryburton.co.uk/barcodewriter/generator/ to put in the FNC3 value in front of the Bluetooth receiver address. Scanner accepted it and (eventually) the scanner was added as a device. Still can't get any data to be received. But I'm a whole lot closer.

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