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    configure time to power off

    Del Brown

      Our biggest problem today in the field with Zebra printers (iMZ220), is that they are frequently accidentally turned off.  They are hanging from a hip, for example, and the power button gets a good tap and the printer is off.  Frequently the end user doesn't realize that until they try to print and nothing comes out.  This can happen during peak times when the end user needs to print every few seconds.  But turning on a Zebra bluetooth printer *and* waiting for it to connect to the paired iPhone can take 30-60 seconds.


      Is there a way to change how difficult it is to power off?  For example, can I change something via ZPL or the printer setup utility to require the power button to be held down for at least 5 seconds to turn it off?


      Looking for any ideas.


      Thanks in advance,