Workabout Pro 4 - Enabling Internal Camera



We currently have a C# application that we have been running on a MC9500 that we are moving over to the newer Workabout Pro 4 devices.  Devices are WM6.5.  The scanner seems to work exactly the same as on the 9500, but the camera is not available to be turned on. Below I've dropped the code we are currently using that works perfectly on our MC9500, but on the WAP4 we're receiving an error "Invalid device.The physical device driver (PDD) DLL did not contain the required entry points." when trying to create the Imaging2 object.


Q1) Can I use the Symbol.Imaging2 DLL when using the Camera on a WAP4?


This is the code we're using, it's simple and works like a charm on the MC9500

_camera = new Imaging2(Symbol.Imaging2.DEVICETYPES.INTERNAL_CAMERA1);

_camera.OnCapture += new Imaging2.OnCaptureHandler(_camera_OnCapturebase);


What I have found is that the actual camera module is an OmniVision OV8835. It seems that I may need to use the Psion Imager SDK inorder to use the camera, even though I have found documentation that says you can use either.  I have found a bunch of code samples that all seem to use the Psion Imager SDK, however I can't seem to find the SDK as all of the links are broken. I'm about to snap here.


Q2) Do I HAVE to use the Psion Imager SDK, and where can I find this mysterious piece of technology?