TC51 and DataWedge

I've gone through the DC capture tutorial Data Capture Intents Tutorial - Zebra Technologies Techdocs but the bar code scanner continues to land on the  DWDEMO app rather than the tutorial. I've disabled the DWDEMO profile in DW Profiles.


Any ideas?

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I would suggest first to

I would suggest first to confirm that the DW profile you created in the tutorial is the active profile when your tutorial app is in the foreground, most easily done by disabling the barcode input plugin and confirming you no longer get a laser come out when your app is in the foreground.  If your DW profile is indeed active when your tutorial app is in the foreground then it is possible the intent the tutorial uses ( com.motorolasolutions.emdk.sample.dwdemosample.RECVR) is shared with the DWDEMO app (but unlikely)?  The next thing to try would be to change that intent action to something like com.zebra.blah and see if that stops the DWDEMO app from popping up.

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