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    Check if RS507 is connectet / paired?

    Nico Gruener



      i looking for a solution to check if a RS507 scanner is connectet to a MC9190 CE6 device.

      Can any one please provide a sample VB / C# code how i can do this?


      I have the EMDK v2.7 installed.


      I connect the RS507 with the MC9190 CE via Pairing Barcode.




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          Michael Hillen

          Hi Nico,


          I made this with a combination of RS507 and WT4090 and WT41N0 with EMDK v2.6 - v2.9 over the StatusNotify event.


          The event function:

          private void myReader_StatusNotify(object Sender, EventArgs e)


              // Get ReaderData

              Symbol.Barcode.BarcodeStatus TheStatusData = myScanAPI.Reader.GetNextStatus();


              switch (TheStatusData.State)


                  case Symbol.Barcode.States.WAITING:



                  case Symbol.Barcode.States.IDLE:



                  case Symbol.Barcode.States.READY:



                  case Symbol.Barcode.States.BT_CONNECTION_STATE_DISCONNECTED:

                      // this is the disconnect event you want

                      isReaderConnected = false;


                  case Symbol.Barcode.States.BT_CONNECTION_STATE_CONNECTED:

                      // this is the connect event you want

                      isReaderConnected = true;









          // I declare the handler globally

          private EventHandler myStatusNotifyHandler = null;


          // Create/Define the status notification handler.

          myStatusNotifyHandler = new EventHandler(myReader_StatusNotify);


          // And finally attached it to the Reader like

          myReader.StatusNotify += StatusNotifyHandler;


          I have most of this done in my own class (myScanAPI), so this only a short (and maybe not complete) explanation of how you can do it.