Activating and Deactivating Bluetooth Scanner driver



i have a bigger problem with the MC9190 CE6 and the activation for Bluetooth scanners.

In the EMDK you can find this text part:


2.1 Activating

The following steps need to be followed to activate Bluetooth scanning.

  1. Launch the BTScannerCtlPanel application from Start Menu -> Programs.
  2. Check the BT Scanner check box. This will activate the list control containing a list of Bluetooth virtual COM ports.
  3. By default a virtual COM port in the list will be selected. If needed, a different port can be chosen in the list.
  4. Tap 'Save and Exit', which will setup the necessary scanning drivers and Bluetooth settings.


This is no option for us. Is there any way to do this via EMDK Framework?

I can't give our users the access to change this settings by it self.


With the MC9090 CE there was no option like this. If the bluetooth scanner drivers was installed, they was all time active.


Hope any one can help me asap.