92N0 WM6.5 failed StartUpdLdr Update to BSP31.3

Using the files in \MC92N0_WM_00.31.03_SPIN\Release_92N0_L_en\UldrImgs on the root of SD Card customer is getting the following error.


Error during update: Image
File: 92N0w65LenOS003103.sig
Function: PreBinImageDownload
Line: 3100
Hr: 0x80004005
GetLastError: 0


Has anyone seen this error?


I also tried using USBDownload tool to flash All.hex, APPL.hex and CleanPS.hex and all get "fail" message in the tool GUI.


Is there a set of CLEANBOOT files for the MC9200?


We have a huge deal pending a successful pilot and don't want to start with a black eye out of the gate.

Wojtas Xda
Hi !! I have question for you

Hi !! I have question for you !! your response is very important to me, Please do not ignore me

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