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    SDK Browser Print problem from Safari macOS 10.12 to GC420t

    fabio morandini


      i'm trying to print a label to printer Zebra GC420t from browser. The printer is connected to a print server.
      The printer has been installed on mac by following the procedure https://www.unifaunonline.com/ufoweb-prod-201703061448/public/SUP/SUP-103-ZebraPrinterinstallation_MAC-en.pdf

      Also installed sdk browser for macOS Browser Print SDK | Link-OS | Zebra

      I created an html page that uses BrowserPrint-1.0.4.min.js downloaded from Zebra's website to print label using ZPL commands

      If I print from a Windows PC, the label is printed correctly

      If I print from a Mac, a label is printed with the zpl commands in clear!!!

      Are there developers who have already encountered this type of mac problem?