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New to this community - hoping some of the experts on here can help us out! We have created a hybrid app using Ionic2/Angular 2. Along with a bluefletch plugin (GitHub - BlueFletch/motorola-datawedge-cordova-plugin: This is a Cordova/Phonegap plugin to interact with Motorola rugge… and a datawedge profile the app scans barcodes to allow users to enter a part count number. What we've experienced is that the scanner randomly crashes, forcing a device restart to work again. The error message on the device is “Unexpected error occurred in scanning service, Please restart the application” The crash happens anywhere after 10 - 100+ scans. We've captured RX log information, but are having trouble deciphering what the root cause is. I've attached the relevant portion of the logcat - hoping someone else maybe has seen this and can point us in the right direction.

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Hi,I think the error is


I think the error is actually starting a bit earlier, around:

04-06 13:39:13.393: E/ScannerFramework(573): [ScannerContext::RemoveDataSubscriber] Subscriber not present in subscriber list

  04-06 13:39:13.393: E/ScannerFramework(573): Transition from 1 to 1 is invalid

Something is going wrong in the Scanning framework but it is not possible to say what.  Perhaps because the plugin is using the old motorolasolutions intents (the current API uses com.symbol.datawedge, Data Capture API - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ).  The plugin is so simple, I don't see what else could be causing the issue. 

The official recommendation is to build the intents yourself and not rely on Bluefetch, there is a blog here: , that would at least give you more control.

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