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    Read RFID tags and barcodes at the same time from RFD8500 scanner

    Zachary Walker

      We are currently using the Zebra RFID SDK for Android (native / Java) to scan RFID tag data into our custom app running on a TC51. The RFID scanning is working great, but we'd like to add the ability to scan barcodes at the same time. For example, if a user is unable to scan an RFID tag for some reason, he should be able to use the RFD8500's integrated barcode scanner and then immediately switch back to RFID scanning. The RFID SDK's RfidEventsListener.eventReadNotify() method only seems to fire when an RFID tag is read and not when a barcode is read. What would be the best way to handle this mix of RFID & barcode scanning with the RFD8500 and our custom Android app?