MC2100 scanner function to be customized


I have a few questions regarding the MC2100. I need to program the scanner in MC2100 such that it lets me know if a particular bar code scanned is present in the list of barcodes that are in a move list (as part of inventory management) for a client and pass this info to an ERP.

I have gone through and poured over all the info available on the zebra sites. I don't have the device yet. I am still reading up on how to go about solving the issue for my client. I plan to program on my Windows 10 desktop using the Windows CE 6.0 SDK and EMDK for C (since I am familiar with C/C++) and MS Visual Studio 2008. My questions are as follows


1. Which SDK do I use? The SDK for Professional OS or the Core OS? Does this depend on the actual version running on the MC2100 device? (which I haven't yet purchased)

2. After having gone through the release notes for the above two SDKs, I see that one of the prerequisites as per the installation guide, is to have a Windows 2000/Xp/Vista as my desktop OS? I have a Windows 10 OS on my desktop. So will I be able to work on Windows CE 6.0 SDK (either pro or core) using my Windows 10 desktop environment?

3. If I can indeed sync the Windows 10 OS and the Windows CE 6.0 (on the MC2100), there is a Sync center already available in Windows 10. Can I use this or do I need to install another version of Microsoft ActiveSync (like 4.5 or higher)?

4. I also tried downloading the MC2100 Platform SDK and I see that it is restricted! Will I be able to do this only after I purchase a MC2100 device? Is there any other way I can download it?


Please help!




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1.  Install the EMDK for C

1.  Install the EMDK for C and the PSDK for MC2100

EMDK for C Support & Downloads | Zebra

MC2100 Platform SDK Support & Downloads | Zebra

Go through the EMDK release notes for other requirements,  but the above should be most of it.  I don't think you actually need the CE SDK if you load the PSDK.

By the way,  if you have not done WINDOWS Programming in C/C++,  you might find using .Net easier.

2. Some MC2100s come with the core OS and some with Professional,  so depending on which you order, install the PSDK that matches.  You can use Visual Studio 2008 and the EMDK on Windows 10 (probably not officially supported, but people have made it work),  but there are some things that are not ideal.  One typical issue is that the shortcuts to the sample apps and help file are not obvious.  Look in C:\Users\Public\Motorola EMDK for C\v2.8\Samples and C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola EMDK for C\v2.8 for the help file.

3. Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 will work on Windows 10 (probably also not officially supported though).  This is what you will need.

4.  Once you have a device,  you should be able to request the download from support using the serial number of the device (since it will be under warranty).  Any restricted downloads will only be available to you if you have a support contract on the device,  or if the device is under warranty.

Also, pasting in the below from the EMDK for .Net release notes.  I think this also applies to C/C++ even though it is not called out in the notes:

The edition of Visual Studio installed must support mobile device development. Express editions of Visual Studio do not support mobile device development. Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition does not support mobile device development.

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