CS4070 keyboard type emulation not working correctly?

Dear all,


I recently purchased a CS4070 scanner and set to HID keyboard emulation. I'm using a Swiss German keyboard layout and even though I set the Country Keyboard Type to "Windows Swiss German" (by scanning its configuration barcode within the user manual) I'm unable to get correct input. In fact it seems that the input is as if it would be a English keyboard layout.


I also tried to connect the scanner via USB to verify settings in the CONFIG.INI file and I see that the CountryKeyboardTypeDongle is set to Windows_Latin_Swiss_German. I'm using a Linux machine but I'm pretty sure it should work anyways...


As an example what I see as characters is '-' instead of '/':


Barcode value should be: http://example.com

It actually is: httpé--example.com


This is a little bit annoying...


Can anyone help?


Thank you very much in advance,



Ivan Wagner
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