TC55 "Settings"-App missing



one of our TC55 hast lost it´s "Settings App". There is no way to access the system settings.


Unfortunately there is no "Factory reset"-Option in the Android Recovery Menu E3.

The device runs on 4.4.3


Any ideas?


Thank you

Anonymous (not verified)
Something similar happened to

Something similar happened to me!  I think I accidentally changed a setting with Enterprise Home Screen but I never did figure out what I did.  I managed a factory reset using the EMDK, there is a sample (Rebooting The Device - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ), but you'll need to change this line samples-emdkforandroid-6_0/ at ProfilePowerMgrSample1 · Zebra/samples-emdkforandroid-6_0 · GitHub  to a 6 for a factory reset (see this chart: Power Manager - Zebra Technologies Techdocs )

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