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    TC8000 Simulscan "auto capture” does not recognize the Alpha numeric character

    Michael Richardson

      Steps taken by Zebra partner:

      Device Details:

      • Make: Zebra
      • Model: TC8000
      • S/N: 16117521400086
      • OCR software: SimulScanDemo (loaded on the device – Zebra Software)


      Steps taken for OCR testing:


      1. 1. Created a user profile on the Zebra Simulscan Template Builder Website - https://simulscan.zebra.com/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f#
      2. 2. Here I followed the steps as per the template builder manual to create an OCR Template 1x image loaded into the template to be recognized (see attached Manuals)        
      3. 3. I have successfully created the Template inside the Template builder APP with the images uploaded and also exported the file to my local PC as a *.xml file to then be uploaded on the Devices storage.
      4. 4. Once the export file was uploaded on the Device I then opened copied the file to location as per SimulScan Demo App manual - /<internal storage>/simulscan/template/
      5. 5. I have opened the scanner simulscan app and and selected “My Template” and open the file I saved on the device
      6. 6. There after I try to capture my image using the “auto capture” function but it does not recognize the Alpha numeric character


      Any help or advice would be appreciated