Printing to Zebra TLP 2824 Windows/Android

Hi all,


Our company has acquired a Zebra TLP 2824 label printer which we want to use to print stick on name tags for staff, as they check in using our new Attendance software.


The Attendance software can send the staff members name to an exe or bat file on a successful check in. So far I'm receiving the variable in a basic bat file on check in, and getting the bat file to write the staff members name to a text file.


Here's an example of the basic batch file I'm using at the moment.


REM Receive Staff members first name as variable

set StaffName=%~1


REM Write staff name to text file

echo %StaffName%>D:\print_labels\name.txt


I've never worked with a printer like this before, and it did not come with any instructions. I would be very grateful for any advice how to send the name, and the company logo to the label printer ?


At this stage we are Trialling the process on a Windows Tablet, and are keen to try things out on Android due to the lower cost of Android Tablet hardware.


Any comments and suggestions welcome.


Thanks in advance for your contributions.