Status code (out of paper) not updated in windows 10 for KR203

Hi everyone,


We are working on a new payment kiosk project we are using a KR203 printer. So far everything works great but faced a little issues regarding the status code when the printer of out of paper.


The problem happen when we run out of paper in the middle of a transaction. If the ''page hold'' is set to YES the status of the printer is not updating correctly in Window 10 (it stays to ''ready''). But if the ''page hold'' is set to NO everything works well and the status change to ''OUT OF PAPER'' as it should.


This is problem is a problem for us, because we would like to use the ''page hold''.


Any help would be gladly appreciated,


Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Yannick,Please contact our

Hi Yannick,

Please contact our technical support for this issue.



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