RS507 Pairing - determine abort by user



I use MC67 (Android KK) with internal imager AND RS507.

Within the application I have a switch to turn on RS507-usage.

As result the system shows the pairing-screen where I can scan the BT-adress with the RS507.

The pairing screen ist shown as result of the call "scanner.enable"; now the user doesn't scan the barcode, but presses the back button...


As shown in the EMDK-example as well, the lifecycle of our app tries to re-init the EMDK-Manager and the scanner and - as result of scanner.enable - shows the pairing-screen again :-(

As long as the user presses the back-button the device is in an infinite loop between app and pairing-screen, this is reproducible in DW-Demo, too.


Would be nice to have the result of the pairing-screen:

1. user scanned BT-adress-barcode - scanner get connected

2. user pressed back-button - next trial / abort activation of RS507


Is there a way to get that info in EMDK Barcode Scanning API ?


Kind Regards