Error 49 - Encoding error

I'm trying to encode a magnetic card with a "Zebra ZXP Series 3", so I've download the SDK. I try to do it with the .NET utility, that it comes with the SDK, but allways get the same error "Error 49 Encoding Error". When I read the card with a card read this is the only data: "ñ12345678_"
Why it could be? I've already get the last SDK and the last drivers. By this time I'm lost because I don't have any idea of what could be happening

Stephen Troup
What type of magnetic cards

What type of magnetic cards are you trying to write, loco or hico, as The zxp3 is usually delivered set to encode hico cards and the demo code doesn't change this.

Readers generally have a much higher gain compared to the encoder so a loco card encoded on hico settings might work in a reader but not very well.

The demo program uses this line to encode cards:

          mag.MagCode(this.cboPrn.Text, "ABCDEFGH", "12345678", "87654321", eject, out msg);

If the reader you have is capable of reading all 3 tracks it should be getting a reading on all three not just track 2 which appears to be happening - again possibly due to loco cards as these are encoded at a  75bit per inch and the other two are encoded at 210 bits per inch. A loco card encoded on a hico setting will probably erase the other two tracks as it goes but track 2 might survive.

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