Barcode blocked after application crash

Hi, we are developing an Android application for the Zebra MC40 and using the EMDk 4.0. Following the tutorials we were able to capture the barcode scanner and read when the hardware buttons are pressed. But we had an strange behaviour when the application suddenly crash or if we kill the app from visual studio.


On this scenario, barcode stops working and I could not recover it. Restarting the device worked for me except in one device. On this particular device the scanner stopped working and when I press the scan button (hardware) no red light appears and the EMDKManager.getEMDKManager(getApplicationContext(), this); call always returns FAILURE.


Maybe we are facing two different issues but I want to know if I could recover the EMDK manager after a crash without waiting until Android kills the EMDK reference on the background of my app or restarting the device. And secondly, on that particular device I don't have any response of the barcode after the crashing of my app.


In addition, I want to add that we control when an Activity is destroyed or paused and we release the EMDK manager without any problem. However, when the application crash suddenly we are facing this issue.