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    DataWedge 5 with EB 1.5

    Danilo Adam

      Hello Community,


      we use MC92N0-G Devices with operating system Android 4.4 an Enterprise Browser 1.5/1.6 as scanners for our mobile WMS solution with SAP ERP as backend system. I've read the Zebra guide about DataWedge and EB 1.5 and configured the devices as advised there.


      Unfortunately the configuration of the devices is unstable. After system reboot the DataWedge-App with the activated EB-Profile has to be started before the EB starts. So far so good and the scanner can be used within EB. In some cases the EB has to be restarted. After this ist is'nt possible anymore to use the scanning device unless the DataWedge EB profile was de- and reactivated manually.


      Furthermore we use Enterprise Home Screen (EHS 1.4) as App Launcher to lock the devices. May be it is an relevant aspect.


      Could someone give me hints or tipps how to achieve that EB can restarted (in EHS user mode) without restarting the DataWedge EB profile (in EHS admin mode)?



      Danilo !

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          Daniel Silva

          You didn't mention which version of DW you had,  so not sure which of the procedures you went through to set this up.  If you had the version before 6.0.1,  there were some hidden profiles that get unhidden by adding those downloaded profiles noted in the guide.  Sometimes that has caused some issues if the new profiles did not import correctly. If you are able to download updates from the support site,  you might want to update the device to the latest OS and CFE.  This will bring DW up to version 6.2.  As noted in the EB guide, Using DataWedge with EB - Zebra Technologies Techdocs , with DW 6.0.1+ this gets simpler.  You no longer need the added profiles to use EB with DW,  you can just remove EB from the "Disabled App list".   Of course you would still probably still want to create a new DW profile for EB, otherwise it will be using the default settings in Profile0.  Also EB is now at version 1.6,  so you probably want to update that as well.  Also don't forget to set the usedwforscanning parameter in Config.xml as noted in the guide.


          Here is where you can find the latest OS and CFE:

          MC9200 Operating System for Premium SKUs Support & Downloads | Zebra


          You would want to get up to the build number that ends in 110816 (if you don't have that already) and then add the latest CFE on top of that.  As of today the latest is CFE-MC92XX-K-00-110816-N-00-01.zip.