DataWedge 5 with EB 1.5

Hello Community,


we use MC92N0-G Devices with operating system Android 4.4 an Enterprise Browser 1.5/1.6 as scanners for our mobile WMS solution with SAP ERP as backend system. I've read the Zebra guide about DataWedge and EB 1.5 and configured the devices as advised there.


Unfortunately the configuration of the devices is unstable. After system reboot the DataWedge-App with the activated EB-Profile has to be started before the EB starts. So far so good and the scanner can be used within EB. In some cases the EB has to be restarted. After this ist is'nt possible anymore to use the scanning device unless the DataWedge EB profile was de- and reactivated manually.


Furthermore we use Enterprise Home Screen (EHS 1.4) as App Launcher to lock the devices. May be it is an relevant aspect.


Could someone give me hints or tipps how to achieve that EB can restarted (in EHS user mode) without restarting the DataWedge EB profile (in EHS admin mode)?



Danilo !