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    Browser Print Issues

    Brandon Hemsley



      We intend to create a web application for our virtual environment that will use Browser Print to print to a networked ZT410 on a print server, but we cannot get the demo to work correctly.


      We have already been able to verify that the ZT410 works perfectly fine otherwise.


      In each test, we have installed and configured Browser Print using the provided user guide.


      When opening the Browser Print demo page, it displays as expected stating the printer name and requesting input via a text box. If no action is taken, it will automatically refresh and states that no printers can be found. Pressing the try again button doesn't change anything.


      On our VM, if you are fast enough, you can get a few characters in and press the print button. Upon doing so, the web page will state that no printers can be found and may flash that there was an error communicating with the device. Then, a notification balloon will show stating that a print job is printing. Viewing the print queue on the print server, you can see the job come through, and leave the queue. Unfortunately, nothing actually prints; the printer does not even act as if it is getting a job.


      We get the same result on a local computer when the zebra printer is mapped from the print server. When mapping the printer via IP on a local computer and bypassing the print server, we are able to print and receive a printing complete dialog box.The page still refreshes and states that no Zebra printers could be found, however.


      Because the printer works without using Browser Print, I am at a loss as to why this is not working. Any ideas?