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    Add Zebra MC40 support for Existing Android Application

    Ramesh Chandran

      I have developed a healthcare App in Android Studio. Which is available in playstore.

      Now my customer asks , whether we do have support for Zebra MC 40 devices or not. How can extend my App support in Zebra OS as well?


      Also, I have the following doubts.


      • Do I need to do tremendous code changes ? My App support from API level 14.
      • What is EMDK FOR ANDROID, its for developing a fresh App for Zebra OS platform or can we add Zebra support to existing App by compiling using this?
      • Is it possible to download Android Apps from Google PlayStore in Zebra devices?


      Any suggestions or informations are valuable to me. Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Add Zebra MC40 support for Existing Android Application
          Darryn Campbell

          That really depends what your application does, the version of Android running on MC40 is AOSP only so if you are using any GMS libraries such as location services, FCM or maps then your application would need modification.  If you are not using any GMS libraries then it would 'just work'. 


          EMDK for Android is a Java SDK to allow you to take advantage of your device hardware, for example if your application currently scans using the camera you could use EMDK for Android to scan via the MC40's dedicated imager scanner.


          It is only possible to download Android Apps from the Play Store on GMS devices.  Zebra do have a range of GMS devices in our portfolio but unfortunately the MC40 is not one of them.