Zebra TC8000 How to scan : Multiple barcodes with one click on the scan button.

Hello All,


How to scan multiple barcodes with one click on the scan button for the zebra TC8000 PDA ( Android ).

Please send me the correct procedure to configure zebra TC8000 to read barcodes Continuous.

P / n: TC80N0-A000K110IN




Anonymous (not verified)
Hi,The best option for you


The best option for you may be to use the AimType scanner property (ScannerConfig.AimType (app API) ) set to CONTINUOUS_READ.

Typically, customers wishing to scan multiple barcodes should also look into SimulScan (SimulScan Setup - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ) and pre-defined templates exist for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 barcodes (SimulScan Setup - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ), however, according to the about page (About SimulScan - Zebra Technologies Techdocs ) if I am interpreting the model code correctly, your model TC8000 will not support SimulScan. 

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Arhal Youssef
Thanks for your feedback.I

Thanks for your feedback.

I configured on data wedge Aim Type: Continuous Read.

P/n : TC80N0-A000K110IN : is  not support SimulScan.

Is there any other method?

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