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    MC40 and MC67 Wifi connectivity issues

    Thomas Clay

      I have an MC67 running Android 4.4.4 and an MC40 running 5.1


      When I configure the networks, I can connect to a remote system for only a short amount of time. Example, turn off wifi, turn it on, and I can go to www.google.com


      However, after that initial time window, all other connection attempts either give me a "Connection Refused" or a "Connection Timed out" error.


      I can connect fine with my phone LG running Android 5.1


      adb shell shows the networks are identical to my phone - same IP range, same DNS, etc.


      The only difference is that neither scanner has a SIM card in it.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

        • Re: MC40 and MC67 Wifi connectivity issues
          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Thomas, going to www.google.com is obviously a very basic test that should work without additional configuration.  Some things to try: Are the device clocks set correctly?  Since google.com will redirect to the secure Google site by default.  Do other (HTTP) sites work?  Are you using the standard browser on the device or Enterprise Browser?  Can you connect to google.com from your phone if you turn your phone's WAN connection off?


          If the issue is with the device's WiFi settings then it is worth looking at the advanced settings, ensure the country selection is correct and everything else appears correct.


          If all else fails then the Wireless logs available from the additional settings screen may provide some further insight.