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    Code doesn't fit into label - please help!

    Alexander Herrmann



      I've searched for a solution, but didn't find one. Perhaps you can help me:


      I've a small label (4 x 2 cm, GK420D) and I want to place a barcode. The problem is that this barcode will change for every item in type and length. For example: a code with 16 characters (CC00000000001234) is fitting well on the label, BUT a shorter code with just 13 characters (9GG1234L98765) doesn't fit (is to long) ! Why?


      Here is my ZPL code - what's wrong with it?








      LOOKS BAD:






      I've tested it with ZPL Viewer and printed it, in both situations the barcode is to long - when I'm using the shorter code!


      Thanks a lot for your help!!!