How to recover the percentage of the battery of a ZQ520 printer ?



I am currently working on a project where I have to connect a TC56 terminal under Android 6.0 to a Zebra ZQ520 (ZPL) Link-OS printer in Bluetooth.

I made a program on Android Studio 2.3, everything works perfectly but I would like to know how to recover the percentage of battery of the printer so that it is then displayed on my application.

I have searched in Zebra ZPL documentation but I have not found any corresponding commands.

Perhaps this is simply not possible, but on the screen of the printer one can still see the number of bars that correspond to the charge of the battery.


Your help would be precious to me, thank you !

Manuel Gomez
Hi Kilian,I solve it using

Hi Kilian,

I solve it using the SGD Class () and using this line

String sresponse = SGD.GET("power.relative_state_of_charge",Connection);

it response somthing like "100 %".

hope it works to you.

goog coding

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