Replacing RS, GS and EOT codes using ADF rules?



I need to find a way to use a DS2208 in HID mode, scanning through a web browser app ( I have this running nicely with LS2208, but 2D barcodes introduce a new problem: ISO15434 codes use non-printable characters: RS, GS and EOT (ASCII 30, 29 and 4, respectively), which are interpreted as keyboard shortcuts by the browsers.


A possible solution has been suggested by SAP in their "SAP ME How-To-Guide for Barcode Scanning" (… ) — they recommend using 123Scan2 to setup the scanner so that it replaces these characters with strings: {RS}, {GS} and {EOT}, respectively. Unfortunately, their instructions are for an older version of 123Scan2, it seems.


I was unable to set up these replacements using ADF rules: the first problem I encounter is that the program prompts me for the string to be detected and I have no way of entering the RS, GS or EOT characters (I tried the Windows alt-key trick, with no success).


Is there a way to set up those replacements? Will I be able to provide a bar code that my customers can scan and use their DS scanners with my web app?


Any help would be much appreciated.


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Jan Rychter
As it turns out, this is

As it turns out, this is possible — but using "replace all" rules, which do allow choosing any character to be replaced, including GS, RS and EOT.

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