Windows Tablet QLn320 Printer Plugin development (Hybrid Application)

Hi All,


I am used Zebra Multi-plaform SDK (link_os_sdk) to develop Qln320 printer plugin for windows tablet application (Hybrid).


There is no option for especially windows tablet platform (.dll) file. So i have tried to use window-mobile-ce platform (.dll )  file to create Qln320 printer plugin.


But i am facing some issues as follow :


Error communicating with printerSystem.NotSupportedException: Bluetooth(R) printing is only supposed on Windows CE/Mobile.

   at ZSDK_API.Comm.BluetoothPrinterConnection..ctor(String macAddress, Int32 maxTimeoutForRead, Int32 timeToWaitForMoreData)

   at ZebraPrinterPlugin.ZebraBluetoothPrinter.doConnectBT(String macAddress)


Also i am planning to try with PC platform but that platform has only java library file. so i can't use this for windows plugin development.


Please help some one to create Qln320 printer plugin for windows tablet.