DataWedge on TC56



I just got a hold of a TC56 and I'm having trouble keeping a consistent profile. Here are the steps I've performed:

1. Opened the Demo wedge which is defaulted with the DWDemo profile.

2. Scanned 3-4 CODE128 barcodes which populate the demo list

3. Navigate back to the home screen

4. Opening the Demo DataWedge and tried to scan but the scanner laser is off. Going to settings and choosing the profile0 and DWDemo profile says that the scanner selection is set at auto-Bluetooth Scanner-disconnected).

5. I change the setting on the scanner to 2D barcode Imager, and I navigate away from the profile settings to save the setting.

6. Scanning does not work, no red laser appears.

7. I force close the app from the apps menu under Android settings

8. Open the Demo DataWedge and I get "Unfortunately DataWedge has stopped." and click ok.

9. When I cancel the dialog and open the Demo DataWedge, the scanner would have a laser and will scan the CODE128. When looking at the settings, its set on 2D Barcode Imager.

9. I scan a few more items and then I navigate to the home page and when I go back into DataWedge Demo, the scanner selection is set to  auto-Bluetooth Scanner-disconnected.  Repeat step 4.


I tried then creating a new profile called scan1 that has only 2D  Barcode Imager set and I exported the profile and added it to a sample Android application. When I install the application and try to scan, I would not be able to scan anything. When I check back at the DataWedge, the  profile0 and DWDemo profile is on auto-Bluetooth Scanner-disconnected and the scan1 profile will say its on 2D Barcode Imager.


How do I persist the default profile0 and DWDemo to 2D Barcode Imager?


This same issue is repeatable on another TC56. How can I change the default profile to one that I've created and forget or remove the profiles from the initial factory settings?