Zebra iMZ320 receipt print with non-static length



I want to use the iMZ320 for POS receipt printing (no label printing) with continues paper. Due to undefined amount of items the receipt does not have a static length. At the moment I am using ZPL with FB and \& line breaks for each line to print. It prints but there are 2 problems.


1. If the content to print is not that long the printer does a line feed up to the configured label length.

2. If the content to print is very long the printer stops printing after reaching the label length.


As I don't want to use a label format and just want to print simple lines, barcodes and images on continues paper, I need a way to reconfigure the printer somehow. Maybe an alternative way, which I didn't test so far is setting the label length via ^LL every time in a dynamic way. I would prefer a configuration change to say the printer don't do the line feed and print as long as there is text to print and paper on the roll. Is that somehow possible?


Thanks for help.