Windows Scanner SDK Documentation

I've been scouring the section and read over every piece of documentation I can get my hands on. I need actual SDK documentation.

I noticed that the examples use XML comments which leads me to assume that there could be actual documentation somewhere generated from these

types of comments from within the SDK itself.


Things I would like to know:

- What Actions are Events referring too? (ex. PNPEvent)

- What is available for me to work with in the SDK (Classes, Properties, Methods etc..)

- Are there any SDK developers I can contact?


It's become increasingly difficult for me to develop the type of solution my repair depot (AR05 Bentonville) needs due to lack of SDK documentation.


Any help would be great!


EDIT: As it seems I won't receive any help on this I'm going to decompile the CoreScanner.dll and attempt some documentation for the rest of the community.


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