UTF-8 Characters printing on a label


I have already installed Swiss 721 font for Zebra ZPL Printers, but I am unable to print the Unicode UTF-8 characters on the Label.

I am using Zebra GX430t model barcode printer and following is the command I am sending to the printer.


^XA^CI28^AQN,68,68^BY2,3^FO525,125^AQN,68,68^FDá é í ó ú Á É Í Ó Ú^FS^XZ


Please let me know any other configurations needed to be done to print the utf-8 characters.

Samantha Corn
Hi Pankaj,Zebra has a walk

Hi Pankaj,

Zebra has a walk through for testing the Swiss 721 font installation here. Have you tried this yet to make sure the font's installed correctly?

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