Remote Storage on Zebra Utilities App iOS

I'd like to know how to get the iOS app, "Zebra Utilities" to utilize the Remote Storage option.

There is a screen within the app labeled "Remote Sotrage"  - within this screen there are these options:


Remote Storage On / Off


User Name




Please let me know how to setup this screen to access remotely stored files.  Also indicate what type of files are supported (jpg, pdf, zpl..etc)


I've attempted setting up locations on my webserver that contain images, however, the app always says "Failed to connect" - even when URL directory doesn't have any protection and is accessible to the world.   Perhaps this URL needs to be a or dropbox account?


Please help. 

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Jim, The iOS Zebra

Hi Jim, The iOS Zebra Utilities app was designed to work with and dropbox only.  I'm not sure that this app has been updated since those services updated their API's last year.  The iOS app is more designed as a sales tool than a true business app.  I would recommend looking at one of our partner apps like MobiPrint to do what you are looking for.   The Setup Utility on the PC and Android are business apps for printer configuration.

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