Web App: Receiving Scanned Values with DataWedge

Hello All,


I have been developing a web application to use in the web browser of the TC8000 Zebra Android Scanner. My use case involves a way to receive scanned barcodes in the web application, without the use of a visible text field.


I am able to successfully do this from a desktop computer, using a "dumb" scanner (Model DS6708). I use keydown events in javascript to capture the input from the scanner in keyboard wedge mode. The characters are entered in character by character from the scanner, thus essentially emulating a keyboard.


I have attempted doing this same thing from the Android Scanner using the DataWedge application, with the enter key occurring after the scan to submit the value. While a value is read and submitted, the value scanned appears as "Unidentified". According to Microsoft's Javascript documentation, this is what occurs when a key cannot be identified. This makes sense, at it seems the entire barcode string is being passed as a key. Also, if I hold the scan button down without actually scanning anything, each second it's scanning it is relaying a keypress event of unidentified.


Is there any way I can pass in ASCII compatible characters, character by character, with DataWedge? I've tinkered with all of the configuration settings that seemed useful, as well as read a good amount of the API documentation. At this point I'm lost on how to move forward without building a native app, which would not be ideal.


Kind Regards,