Settings App crashes and then gets disabled

I was playing around with the "Install App From Unknown Sources" API provided by the DevAdmin CSP when I noticed some unexpected behavior from the Settings app where it crashed the then disappeared from the App Drawer as if it had been disabled by the AppManager CSP. I had to submit an XML to the AppManager CSP to enable the Settings app after which it became visible again. I'm reporting this since it seems like a bug. Please go through the replication steps below.


Exact steps I took
1. Disabled Allow Unknown Sources from the Settings app.
2. Navigated to the Settings page for Allow Unknown Sources i.e. Settings > Security.

3. Pressed home button to go back to the app drawer and opened my test application to submit XML files to Mx.

4. Submitted an XML to enable Allow Unknown Sources. The XML executed successfully.

5. Went back to the Settings app via Recent Apps. The Settings app was still on the Security page. Allow Unknown Sources was still unchecked.
6. Tapped Allow Unknown Sources once and the the standard confirmation/warning dialog appeared.

7. Pressed OK on the dialog and then Settings app crashed and disappeared from the App Drawer as described.


Device: Zebra TC70x
MX version: 6.1 MXMF version:


I can confirm that MX successfully consumed my test application's XML files and did not throw any error while dong the above steps.

This seems like a state management issue to me where the the Settings app does not dynamically update the state of a setting when it is changed through Mx. However I am not sure and would like someone from the Zebra team to confirm what is happening here.


Ideally this should not happen as it will cause problems for us if the Settings app just disappeared like this due to a crash. Our users will not have access to StageNow or other tools which can be used to recover from this issue. Can someone from Zebra tell us what is happening here?