Devices are unable to connect to WiFi Networks with EAP Authentication and Identity Certs

I've been trying to configure WiFi networks which require EAP Authentication and Identify Certs on some TC70 and MC40 devices. I have been met with mixed results so far and cryptic errors from Android's WifiStateMachine. I need some help in understanding these log messages and come to a possible resolution for why these devices are behaving the way they are.




Device: MC40
OS Version: 4.4
Behavior: After setting up the WiFi network along with required certificates, connecting to network initially failed but was successful later on.

Logs: Attached, mc40_4.4.txt


Device: TC70

OS Version: 6.0.1

Behavior: After setting up the network along with required certificates, device immediately connected successfully.

Logs: Attached, tc70_6.0.txt


Device: TC70

OS Version: 5.1.1

Behavior: After setting up the network along with required certificates, the device was always unsuccessful in connecting to the network.

Logs: tc70_5.1.1.txt


The common recurring error in all unsuccessful scenarios is

07-07 10:50:16.368 990-990/? I/wpa_supplicant: wlan0: Trying to associate with SSID 'FLQA NPS FOREST32 WPA' 07-07 10:50:16.402 575-803/? E/WifiStateMachine: Error! unhandled message{ when=-33ms what=131221 arg1=2225 obj=FLQA NPS FOREST32 WPA$SmHandler }

This error is an internal Android error which prevents the device from connecting. To rule out a possible network issue we tried connecting to this network under identical conditions from other Android devices and they could connect successfully in the first try.


It would be great if someone from the Zebra team could help me understand these logs better and possibly come to a resolution for this issue. Thanks!