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    resize QR code

    Carlos Meira

      Hello all,


      I need to print on a ZT410 printer using ZPL language a very big QR code.


      Tesla ask us to print a fixed size 3,2X3,2 inches QR code...


      How can we do that?



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          Samantha Corn

          Hi Carlos,


          The QR code ZPL command has a built in magnification variable, ranging from 1 to 10. Details on the commands options can be found on page 103 of the ZPL Programming Guide. Unfortunately, this command doesn't allow for resizing based on measurement. If you're sending the QR code from an app, one option is to generate the QR code as an image, which can be printed with exact measurements.

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              Marcel Schneider



              we have the same issue and the same questions as Carlos Meira.

              Isn't there a way to extend the built in magnification range? The Problem would be solved if you could choose the magnification variable with a value = 30.


              Another App/ Software in addition to our ERP System is not wanted so we don't have the chance to generate Images. I think it would be helpful for a lot of suppliers so any help is highly appreciated.


              Best regards


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                  Robin West

                  Hi Marcel, Thanks for the feedback.  Right now the direct ZPL magnification is between 1 and 10.   We are curious what your use case is for needing such a large code printed.  Can you share?

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                      Marcel Schneider

                      Good morning Robin,


                      our customer wants us to print a label where more or less the half of the label space is reserved for the QR code.

                      With the content the customer expects inside the code, the QR code will only be about 1 Inch x 1 Inch (if we choose magnification rate 10) and per his answer this size will be to small for the automated receiving process.

                      The suggestion is to use a additional software that scales the code up to the needed size - of course we don't want to use an additional software that needs to be linked to our SAP system etc.

                      Other code types (like datamatrix code) can be scaled to the needed size only by changing the ZPL Parameters - so our wish is that this is also possible for QR codes.


                      If you have more questions please let me know.



                      Best regards