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    [WM WEHH6.5] Phone keys (Red/Green) remap in EB

    Arsen Bandurian

      Hi All.


      This is probably old news, but I have searched... and found nothing.


      EB documentation says that the phone keys cannot be intercepted, but does not say for what platform (or all platforms)

      KeyCapture - Zebra Technologies Techdocs


      I know that WM/CE phone (Red/Green keys) are simply mapped to F1/F2, but then intercepted by the OS and that in WEHH6.5 it's further complicated, because it's Microsoft.

      I know that Nauritech and Wavelink can intercept and remap those keys w/o problems.


      Can we do this on WM edition of Enterprise Browser w/o having to resort to KBtool?

      [and if no - where does one get KBtool for WM]


      Or do I simply have to do the following in the Config.xml



      <EnableFunctionKey_F1 value="1"/>

      <EnableFunctionKey_F2 value="1"/>



      Or should I use ApplicaitionKeys instead?


      Thank you!