[WM WEHH6.5] Phone keys (Red/Green) remap in EB

Hi All.


This is probably old news, but I have searched... and found nothing.


EB documentation says that the phone keys cannot be intercepted, but does not say for what platform (or all platforms)

KeyCapture - Zebra Technologies Techdocs


I know that WM/CE phone (Red/Green keys) are simply mapped to F1/F2, but then intercepted by the OS and that in WEHH6.5 it's further complicated, because it's Microsoft.

I know that Nauritech and Wavelink can intercept and remap those keys w/o problems.


Can we do this on WM edition of Enterprise Browser w/o having to resort to KBtool?

[and if no - where does one get KBtool for WM]


Or do I simply have to do the following in the Config.xml



<EnableFunctionKey_F1 value="1"/>

<EnableFunctionKey_F2 value="1"/>



Or should I use ApplicaitionKeys instead?


Thank you!

Pietro Francesc...
Looking on EB's documentation

Looking on EB's documentation, there’re some notes on the function keys and the Green/Red Phone keys for WEH6.5.3:


You should probably use this setup:

    • All Function Keys can be captured by the Key Capture Module
    • Function Key will not have its default Operating system behaviour

Just keep in mind this note about the Functions keys if you need to send it's values to the web app:



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